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"Higher Education is among the most prominent decisions we ever take in our lives. This decision has the power to define the rest of our lifetime. Therefore it is highly important to make that decision wisely."


We believe India’s greatest export is Indians'

More than 2,00,000+ Indian Students take CAT and 10,00,000+ take IIT JEE every year to compete for less than 20,000 seats combined and that too with categories.

With such a cutthroat competition, ever-rising population in this internet age, Indians must look beyond. is a platform for Indian Students to aspire and prepare for IVYs, OxCams, Grandes Écoles, TU9 and likes. Edvisory brings Alumni based consulting where aspirants connect with subject matter experts, align their post study goals and thus, identify the right schools and programs globally.

TU Munich is ranked higher than IIT Delhi, and costs 10 times less in tuition. IIM Ahmedabad offers a dual degree with a German counterpart where tuition is NIL. Elite US based Business schools are now designating their MBA programs under STEM so Indian students can have 3 years of work permit. French Grandes Ecoles' MIM programs flood the FT rankings every year. If you didn't know this already, it is time to visit

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