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Supporting Girl child education

Care India and Educate India are not-for-profit organisations supporting women and girl child to ensure empowerment for marginalised women and girls. They have been at the forefront of supporting girl child education in India, specially for the underprivileged.

At Edvisory, Girl child education is at the core of our values and heart, Not only we are a women led company, most of our counselors and students have also been girls and women from all across the country.

We are firm believer that an empowered woman creates an empowered family, an empowered family creates an empowered society, an empowered society creates an empowered nation and an empowered nation creates an empowered world to live in.

Today on May 27, 2022, we take this pledge to support a girl child's education for every student who uses our services.


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