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What is a dependant(Spouse) visa?

(List of countries that allow work permit on spouse visa)

A dependent or a spouse visa is something like permission, using which, the spouses along with children can enter, live and work in a different country where the concerned migrant has moved. All in all, as of now, only 35 countries across the globe are allowing the spouse visa. There are some countries such as Hong Kong and the US, which allow only married spouses for work purposes. There are also countries like the UK, Canada, and New Zealand that allow partners as well as married spouses to live and work.

Let's check out the list!

Canada - Spouse is allowed to work

Australia - Spouse is allowed to work on the Dependent Visa program

United States of America(USA) - Spouse can apply for F-2 or J2 visa to get permission to stay in the USA

United Kingdom(UK) - Spouses are allowed to stay in the UK

Germany - Spouse can come with German Residence Permit

New Zealand - Spouses can come with the Partner of a Student Work Visa

Finland - Spouse can come with the partner on residence permit

Denmark - Denmark Student Dependent Visa helps the spouse to travel to Denmark.

France - Permit to stay/residence in France allows the spouse to stay in France.

Spain - Spouses can come to Spain if you are staying on a student visa for more than 6 months.

Sweden - Spouse visa application as dependents are permitted

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