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What is Internship vs Apprenticeship?

The Noobs!

What is the difference between a teenager and an adult? Okay this may not be the perfect simile but you would know the difference between an Under 19 cricketer and a National team player? Of course you know it..

Pretty similar on the lines, is the difference between Interns/Apprentices and full time employees! But then this article tells you the difference between Interns and Apprentices, there you go:

  • Basically internships are jobs offered by companies for a shorter duration of 1 month or 6 months at maximum. Apprenticeship programmes are way different. They are not only longer in duration but have to be attended simultaneously with ongoing studies at concerned universities.

  • The company pays the tuition fees of the university on behalf of the employee during an apprenticeship programme whereas it is not true in case of internships.

  • After completion of internship, the employee can start with another one, or can be offered a full time job by the concerned employer/company, depending upon his/her performance. But in the case of apprenticeship programmes, the students directly land jobs after completion of the programme.

  • The pay scale of internships are generally low as compared to apprenticeship, where one gets high wages with full time employment after completion.

  • And it's absolutely true that getting offers of apprenticeship programmes are a lot competitive and difficult when compared to internships.

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