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2 years MBA vs 1 year MBA

To put it simply and crisp; a 2 year MBA program should ideally be for people having relatively less experience than 6-8 years. People who are unsure about their career trajectories or don’t have a clear idea of the corporate market and management world or are confused whether or not to change their specialisation paths.

1 year MBA programs are basically also known as executive MBA programmes and are typically for people with many years of corporate experience and who are absolutely sure of their career progression in a particular industry. Presently, the 1 year MBA programmes are also catching up with the 2 year MBA programmes and are gaining popularity. Moreover, these are way more expensive than 2 year MBA programmes.

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Some of the best 2 year MBAs in the world are: Harvard, Stanford, IIM A etc.

Some of the best 1 year MBAs: INSEAD, IE, NTU etc.


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