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What would it mean to have an American university listed on your resume? Why would potential employers pause and take notice of your education credentials from the United States?

It would mean that you have advanced English language skills and valuable intercultural experience. It would show that you studied within one of the best higher education systems in the world, with access to advanced technology and research. They would know that you received in-depth instruction, learned to problem-solve and have knowledge of modern practices within your field.

Studying in the United States and abroad doesn’t just give you tangible degrees and certificates. Your experience says something about who you are. Living and studying in another country—especially where your language isn’t spoken—is challenging, and requires courage and a positive attitude. Sometimes, these characteristics are more influential than your degree.

More reasons:

- IVY League & World's best varsities

- World's best employers

- Rising STEM programs (Including MBA)

- 3 years PSW (STEM)

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Best Schools

Top Ranked Schools

Find the list of top Business, Fashion, Engineering Schools in USA

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Scholarships for Indian students

Find all the scholarships offered by US Govt. to Indian students

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Visa & Work Permit for Indian students

Know more about right type of visa, work permit for Indian students

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