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Apply to 45 French Engineering Colleges in 50 Euros only

With our collaboration with N+i, students will be able to apply to multiple French Engineering colleges with only one application.

Foundation year In order to get admission to French Engineering colleges, some students need to complete a foundation year (After profiling a student and his/her background, a university may specifically ask them to go through a foundation year)

● N+i hosts a foundation year for students who are required to do so by universities they are accepted in (which include Learning french, basic aptitude, etc)

● The Foundation year also acts as a stepping stone for a student to increase their

total scores and chances to get into universities

● The Foundation year also provides students with 60 ECTS credits

● They provide VISA assistance to students

● Total care of the students from logistics to accommodation, etc are taken care of by the n+i

● The pass percentage of students getting through the Foundation year is very high, although if they fail to qualify, they would not be able to get admission to any French colleges


● A fee of 50 euros has to be paid on the portal to enrol for the n+i colleges

● Students save on application fees and the hassle to apply to many universities


● The fee is waived off for students from certain countries/colleges (Lists available on website)

● On registration, there is a basic interview (not course or university related, but to

understand the basic background of the student, hosted by n+i)

● Universities may or may not ask for separate interviews depending on the

background of the student

● While registering it’s recommended that the student must surf around the search bar on the portal and chalk out the courses and universities he/she is interested in and mention them in preferences when they apply on the portal

Search bar

● Let’s you search courses and many fields at the same time so the student can find the perfect course for themselves

● A very detailed and helpful tool for students to understand what n+i can offer

General pointers

● The opening session for admissions is August

● Students that enrol through us must put ‘EDVISORY’ as the consultancy name to benefit from Edvisory services


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