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Are the IIMs necessary for getting a high salary package after an MBA?

Lowest package at top Indian schools is sometimes as low as 8–10 lacs. While I was working at Google, one of my colleagues who hailed from ISB, had received the CTC of 13 lacs at Google (Of course companies like Google go beyond money and perks) but the reality could be harsh sometimes. So studying at top schools does not always mean high salaries but yes the chances are definitely high. But one must look at considering the ROI (Return on investment) When you look at IIM Ahmedabad salaries, the average is around 20–22 lacs INR pa but then the fees is also 24 Lacs INR+ So for the next 5–7 years, you are finishing off the loan and actual savings would be around 60–80K per month. On October 28th, 2018 Business Insider published the Best Business Schools rankings as per the ROI and none of the Indian schools made it. Number 1 school was Mannheim Business School, Germany (Fee: 35 lacs, Salaries: 80 lacs) Harvard was not in Top 35. So it’s not the school only that launches you or your career but again it is one of the best ways to reach there. A couple of good switches, good set of skill set might also fetch you almost similar packages in terms of wages. Hope this helps.


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