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Best Scholarships to study in France

French schools are almost at par with their Indian counterparts when it comes to tuition and expenses. Hence explore the best scholarships available for you:

Eiffel Scholarship Program of Excellence

It is the most prestigious scholarship program in France, wherein institutions keep the application of scholarships for the international students who have got selected at the institution for pursuing masters or doctoral programs in law, economics, engineering, the management, or political science.

Erasmus +

This program grants scholarships towards living costs for international exchange students. Moreover, it is the largest scholarship provider in the EU, which is governed by the European Union.

AIFS Study Abroad Scholarships, Grants and Financial Support

This program offers many scholarships to international students who want to pursue studies in France, irrespective of their field of study.

The Fulbright Scholarship

This program grants nearly 20 scholarships a year specifically to fresh graduates, who wish to pursue their masters in France, which nearly funds their 8-10 months stay in the country.

Civil Society Leadership Awards (CSLA)

Through this initiative, CSLA, grants fully funded scholarships for students who have performed excellently in their academics as well as professional careers and who show clear drive and commitment to bringing positive impact in the communities.


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