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Best Scholarships to study in Germany

Germany is FREE, biggest myth.

Only Public universities do not charge a tuition, Business schools can be as expensive as 30 lacs per year. On top of it, there's €10000 worth of blocked account for cost of living, you can't go there with out scholarships unless you have a sound budget, hence we have got your back:

DAAD scholarships

Many scholarship opportunities are granted by the German Academic Exchange Service to international students who wish to pursue their career in Germany across various fields.

Erasmus +

This program grants scholarships towards living costs for international exchange students. Moreover, it is the largest scholarship provider in the EU, which is governed by the European Union.

Heinrich Böll Scholarships for International Students

This program grants scholarships to international students who are willing to continue their higher education in any university in Germany.

Marie Curie International Incoming Fellowships (IIF) for Developing Countries :

Students who are coming for post-doctoral research in Germany, from developing countries can definitely take leverage of this scholarship program. It is basically funded by the European Commission.

Deutschland Stipendium

These are basically scholarships in the form of stipends. A monthly stipend of Euro 300 is provided to meticulous students who are studying or are enrolled at German universities.


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