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Best Scholarships to study in the Ireland

Ireland is not a very expensive place to study, in fact its best schools like TCD, UCD are very much in context with Indian MBA spending if we have to make a comparison! Yet there are some elite scholarships one can apply for:

Government of Ireland Scholarships 2021

The Government of Ireland will be providing nearly 60 scholarships to international students worth Eur 10000 for 1 year irrespective of their study levels.

Post Graduate fellowships: The walsh scholarships

The program grants a massive amount of nearly Eur24000, to international students pursuing research doctoral degrees in the universities of Ireland. Only about 140 students are awarded these scholarships. Stiff competition indeed!

PS: Never under estimate the Early Birds, The Merit scholarships and the Profile Based scholarships by the schools themselves.

80% of Edvisory students secure some form of scholarship every year


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