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Best Scholarships to study in the UK

UK is expensive, may be not as much as the US but still requires a handsome amount of investment in higher education. But then there are always 'scholarships' for the 'scholars'. Yes you read that right, scholars means people with good profiles, outstanding academics, extra curriculars, motivation and a perspective. There are many prestigious scholarships available for Indian students every year, we bring to you some of the most coveted ones:

British Chevening Scholarships

This is the most sought after scholarship in the UK and it grants part or even full scholarships to full time graduate international students . These are funded by the UK commonwealth and foreign and partner organizations.

Commonwealth Scholarships for Developing Commonwealth Countries

International students from developing commonwealth countries pursuing masters or doctoral degrees have the leverage of receiving this scholarship.

Commonwealth Shared Scholarship Scheme at UK Universities

International students who are pursuing their master degrees in the UK can apply for this scholarship, provided, the program the student pursues, must be in correspondence with or relevant to the development of society, economy or technology of the concerned country of the student.

Euraxess UK

This program is run by the British Council and was actually an initiative from the European Commission. And it provides multiple graduate research scholarships to international students pursuing research studies in the UK.

CastleSmart Scholarship

It is a non-governmental UK scholarship from CastleSmart. International undergraduate students, in order to avail this scholarship worth 6000 Pounds annually, have to make a captivating Youtube video , talking about their studies and future career plans.

PS: Never under estimate the Early Birds, The Merit scholarships and the Profile Based scholarships by the schools themselves.

80% of Edvisory students secure some form of scholarship every year


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