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Perennial Discounts at Edvisory

We care scholarships by Edvisory

  1. Female Candidate Scholarship Every girl candidate gets 10% FLAT OFF on all subscriptions at Edvisory, in order to boost women participation in international education Use Code at checkout: FEMALEPOWER

  2. Indian Defence Services If you worked in Army, Navy, Airforce and took a voluntary retirement, and now willing to study abroad, we have Flat 50% OFF on all subscriptions Use Code at checkout: DEFENCEKIDS

  3. Defence Kids Are you an Army, Navy, Air Force, Paramilitary, Police kid whose parent(s) serve/served in defence, we have FLAT 10% OFF on all subscriptions Use Code at checkout: DEFENCEPERSONNEL

Note: All these scholarships are launched on Oct 14, 2021 and shall be valid and applicable on all subscriptions in future, these are perennial scholarships and do not have a deadline, to avail the benefits of a scholarship, one needs to inform Edvisory with proper documents before subscribing. For more details, get in touch with our counselors.


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