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Easy countries for Indians to get a work permit/Permanent residency

The picture says it all! Canada is the best place and by far the easiest for any Indian to secure a work permit or a permanent residency. Even the waiting period varies from 6-9 months, much faster than its closest second counterpart, Australia at 12-24 months.

To be true permanent residency permits are given to individuals who deserve them. It’s not a right. PR gives the individual the liberty to retain his/her citizenship and at the same time stay legitimately in another country. Getting a PR is not as easy as it sounds!

Although, here are some of the countries, where Indians can get PR easily :

Belize - Individuals need to spend at least a year in the country without leaving for continuously fourteen days.

Ecuador - Individual must have lived in the country for at least 21 months using a temporary Residence visa.

Panama - There are multiple ways of getting a PR. Either marrying a citizen from Panama or residing there for 5 years.

Notable mentions:



South Africa

Dominican Republic




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