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Guaranteed Admissions Pack

Launched in 2018, with the inception of Edvisory, GAP became first of its kind product in the space of Higher education. GAP (Guaranteed Admissions Pack) offers an assured admit at the choice of schools shortlisted by the aspirant or a 100% refund in case of no success with us.

In 2018-19: we refunded 10% students

In 2019-20: we refunded 3% students

In 2020-21: we refunded 2% students

In 2021-22: we refunded 0.8% students

All other students received an assured admit at the choice of schools shortlisted by candidates.

Why Guarantee?

We do not want students to lose their money for no value in return. We are aware that the word guarantee has meanings more than one in the market and many companies offer a partial refund, some offer more number of schools to apply, some offer free add ons, we offer a 100% refund.

How does it work?

  • It begins with couple of rounds of brainstorming/consultations with our alumni counselors, followed by a call with our Founders

  • Student chooses 5 target schools, shares the list of schools with us along with his CV

  • Edvisory checks the eligibility of the profile based on various factors like academics, GMAT/GRE, IELTS/TOEFL, acceptability chances and sends back an action plan

  • Student & Edvisory together shortlist the top 5 target schools based on the eligibility, interest of the student.

  • Both sign a contract with terms & conditions

  • Application process to universities begin

  • Students get access to Edvisory Pro platform

  • Within 6-8 weeks of deadlines, students usually receive a result.

  • If accepted, we party

  • If rejected at all 5 schools, we refund

How Edvisory increases chances?

All counselors are alumni of top 100 schools as per FT/QS

Profile Evaluations by Edvisory counselors

Profile Evaluations by Adcoms of the schools

Unlimited brainstorming sessions

Unlimited reviews, edits, doc sessions on CV, SOP, LOR, Cover Letters, Scholarship essays

Usually 80% of our students receive some form of scholarships as well (However this is not part of the GAP as an assurance but assistance)

Pre Enrolment Consultations cost how much?

Before a student makes the final call to associate with us, all consultations at Edvisory remain free, including the 2nd round of consultation with the Founders


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