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How do I get admission to universities abroad for an MBA?

Abroad? Where?

200 Countries. 13000+ Business Schools 27000+ Universities

Step by step guide

  • Identify your career goal

  • Work you would like to do for the next 5–10 years at least

  • Ask yourself, Why Abroad? Why not your home country? (I know there are many things our home country can not provide us and vice versa for abroad but..still.. Ask yourself, Why Abroad?)

  • Finalise the program you want to study (MBA or Masters in Finance or Fashion or Analytics or Research etc)

  • Identify the right destination (Whether the country offers stay back or not, whether you want to stay back or not..)

  • Make a list of top 10 schools in that country for your program

  • Apply to 2 of them in 1 week

  • Get a result

  • If selected, go ahead and apply for visa

  • If rejected, apply to next 2 of 8 pending schools from your dream schools list

It is simple.


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