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How many schools accept Duolingo? (& Which ones)

Duolingo has evolved as an alternative to expensive, conventional, and time taking IELTS and TOEFL tests for English.

Duolingo is fast, affordable, adaptive, remote, and super responsive.

But what about its acceptance worldwide?

Here is the list of universities that accept Duolingo:


Columbia University

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Yale University

Stanford University

The University of Chicago

University of Pennsylvania

California Institute of Technology

Johns Hopkins University

Northwestern University

Duke University

Dartmouth College

Brown University

Vanderbilt University

Rice University

Washington University in St. Louis

Cornell University

University of Notre Dame

University of California Los Angeles

Australia :

Australian National University

Monash College

New Zealand :

Otago University

Ireland :

Trinity College

University College Cork

University College Dublin

United Kingdom :

University College London

University of Edinburgh

University of Birmingham

Anglia Ruskin University

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