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Is it necessary to have a work experience to get into IIM even if you crack the CAT?

I will start with the class profile of IIM Ahmedabad. This is the work experience chart of incoming students.

It’s not at all important to have work experience yet it may help in many cases.

Most of the students as you can see have at least 1–2 years of work ex and up to 25% of them are fresh grads.

This implies, almost half of the class is under 2 years of work experience. So not at all mandatory to have a professional work ex if you don’t have it. Although you may always highlight following during your interview:

  • Internships (if any)

  • Professional projects during school/undergrad (if any)

  • Extra curricular social work (if any)

This will always strengthen your profile.

Wish you luck.


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