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January intake - Best MBA programs

For those who miss the Fall intake MBA deadlines, or do not want to be part of the herd, can also try for January intake MBA programs. January intake is not the most common intake and hence it is not available at all the schools but it is quite prevalent in Europe and a lot of European Business schools offer MBA programs in January too.

Here are the top ranked MBA programs in the world that have a JAN intake.

1. INSEAD, France:

2. HEC, France:

3. Columbia, USA:

4. IMD, Switzerland:

5. IE, Spain:

6. ERASMUS, Netherlands (RSM):

7. Schulich, Canada:

8.Queen's University, Canada:

9. Ivey, Canada:

Noteworthy, JAN intake has its pros and cons like less competition in terms of admission but also less opportunities for accommodation and scholarships (non school)

So would you want to go for SEP or JAN? Let us know and get a free consultation cum action plan today from our alumni counselors!


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