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Top Europe Salaries - By Job

Financial Services €90,000

Executive Management & Change €84,000

Legal Department €71,000

Legal & Paralegal €69,000

Compliance, AML, KYC & Monitoring €67,000

Finance Control & Strategy €62,000

Financial Services professionals are highest paid in Europe at €90,000 annually. Some of the lowest paid jobs in Europe are Services, Tourism & Hospitality professionals at €26,000

Highest paid Employers in Europe

Nuremberg €640,000

VimpelCom Ltd. €310,000

Shard Credit Partners €281,000

Sodiaal €273,000

Fisch Asset Management €255,000

Capital Strategies Partner €250,000

No wonder why Finance, Consulting remain the most chosen higher education subjects as well in Europe, since they are the highest paid and rewarding careers too.

Source: Emolument report 2022


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