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What are Grandes Ecoles?

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Not that we need to write more about it, we must.

Grandes Ecoles are basically the elite institutions in France or the great schools as we understand it. These institutions are known for their reputation in regards to highly selective admission criteria and academic excellence. Grandes Ecoles of France can be compared to the Ivy’s of the US, or Russell Group institutions of the UK. There are around 250 Grandes Ecoles in all of France and offer excellent courses and international degrees on subjects like Engineering, Management, Architecture, Political science, Journalism, Art & design, Defence and Veterinary medicines, Economics and commerce as well.

Some of the top Grandes Ecoles of France are:

Ecole Polytechnique for Science and Technology Ecole Normale Supérieure, Ecole Nationale d’Administration Hautes Etudes Commerciales or HEC EDHEC Ecole de Mines Ecole Centrale etc.


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