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What is a student blocked account in Germany?

To study in Germany, an Indian student would need a visa. To need a visa, there are tons of documents required for the processing and that includes the cost of living as well. Some countries require money in your bank statements like France, UK but some require you to open a bank account in Germany and deposit the cost of living in that account.

Well, this basically means that students who want to pursue their studies in Germany, as per the law need to show at least Eur 10332 in their account so that it gets ensured that they have enough funds to financially support themselves in the country within the first year of their studies. And this particular amount of money is blocked in the concerned bank until the student’s arrival in Germany.

Once you arrive in Germany, you can withdraw only a permitted amount of money each month.

You can open a blocked account in India with multiple banks like Deutsche Bank, Fintiba, ICICI, Kotak Mahindra, etc.


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