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What is Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT)?


If you see yourself running a business as an entrepreneur 5 years down the line, or heading a MultiNational Company in the heart of the Wall Street, no matter where you go to make an impact or turn heads, a Graduate Business Degree is going to set you apart from the rest and provide you the head-start you deserve!

GMAT is the exam where your journey to the top Business Schools in the world begins!

What is GMAT?

An exam that is specially designed for Business schools and is one of the most widely accepted. It is said to be an exam that measures skills that universities and furthermore, employers look for. It opens up a world of possibilities!

When is the right time to take the GMAT?

With a very flexible calendar, the GMAT exam takes place once in every 16 calendar days making it completely up to the candidate to prepare, ascertain and manage their exam dates. You must check the admission dates of the courses/business programs that interest you and take the exam accordingly.

How to take the GMAT?

After ascertaining the dates, you must make an account on their official website ‘’, schedule their exam dates (online OR offline), Pay the fee ($275 or Rs. 20,600/-) and Voila! You’re good to go!

What is the format of the GMAT?

The duration of the exam is approximately 3 hours and gives you the liberty to take 2 optional breaks! The exam is broken down into 4 segments and you can pick and choose which sections you want to attempt first. The four sections are : Analytical Writing, Integrated reasoning, Quantitative reasoning, Verbal reasoning.

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