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What is Graduate Record Examinations (GRE)?


Aspire to be a real-life Harvey Spector and employ your skills in the field of Law? Or aspire to be the next Wolf of Wall Street and shake the NASDAQ with your abilities? GRE is an exam that carves the path for you to achieve your goals.

A standardized test that facilitates admissions for Business and Law schools mostly in The United States and Canada and a few in other countries. (including universities like Harvard, etc.)

What is GRE?

With over 1,000 centers in over 160 countries, GRE is an examination that measures your verbal reasoning, quantitative reasoning, critical thinking and analytical writing skills. The perfect set of skills one needs to excel in this competitive graduation era.

When is the right time to take the GRE?

ETS, the administration that hosts the GRE, allows you to take the GRE once every 21 days and up to 5 times within any continuous period of 12 months (365 continuous days). You shall plan the exam accordingly since the Official GRE SCORE will be provided to you 10-15 days from the date of exam. The validity of the score you achieve is 5 years!

How to take the GRE?

The cost of taking the GRE from the comfort of your home is $205 (or Rs. 16,000/- approx.) The steps to register for your GRE exam are as follows-

  1. Log in to your ETS account or create an account.

  2. On your My GRE home page, select Register/Find Test Centers.

  3. Verify your email address, then continue.

  4. To select your test appointment, confirm your time zone, or select a new one.

  5. Choose the two-month period you would like to take the test, and select an available test date from the calendar.

  6. Select an available time for your test, and click "Register for this test."

  7. Follow the directions to continue your registration and pay for your test.

  8. Once your registration has been processed, you will receive a confirmation email from ETS confirming your test choice, test date, test center or link to launch your at home test, and score recipients.

Link for registration - Register here

What is the format of the GRE?

The format of the examination can be segregated into 3 parts - Analytical writing, Verbal reasoning and Quantitative reasoning. Each section has been allotted 60 minutes making the paper a total of 3 hours.

  • Analytical writing includes 2 sectors i.e. Issue task & Argument task. The AWA score is given from 1-6 as an average of both these sectors.

  • Verbal reasoning analyzes and evaluates the written material, recognizes the relationship between components, words and concepts. This section is subdivided into Reading Comprehension, Text completion and Sentence Equivalence.

  • Quantitative Reasoning is a section purely mathematical in nature. This section tests the ability of the candidate in the following areas - Arithmetic, Algebra, Geometry and Data analysis.

To know more about the GRE examination you could visit the ETS Portal or contact one of our consultants at Edvisory!


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