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What is KIRA interview?

Have you ever recorded yourself in a video? May be on a phone or laptop? May be for the purpose of sending a message to your friends and family or simply for an instagram reel?

Then you've got it in you.

KIRA or KIRA interview as they call it, is an online interview platform wherein applicants and students are interviewed with the help of visual videos and text questions.

It is typically a pretty interesting and new format of interview which can be held remotely be it online or home and at students' own convenience. In this form of interview only the university or institution holding it can invite the applicants and moreover, in most cases it works as a forerunner before in-person or Skype interviews.

There is no interaction or presence of people in KIRA talent interviews. Applicants are presented with text or video based questions and the interviewees need to answer them in the same video or text based responses. The questions don't follow any particular algorithms and are assigned randomly , as a result the preparation and response time for the questions vary. In some cases response time may go as high as several minutes and as low as 20-30 seconds and same with preparation times; they are widely variable. But one thing to keep in mind; preparation time is only given for video questions and not the text ones.

The main objective of this interview is to evaluate the application verbal, comprehensive and analytical skills, their drives and motivations and their potential as a leader.

The KIRA Talent also comprises an automatic system which checks and thoroughly reviews the technical aspects of an applicant's responses, basically the grammar, spellings and comprehension. Apart from that at last when the interview gets over, multiple reviewers analyse and review the answers and responses of the candidates which are ultimately sent to the concerned university for further evaluation.

Different with Skype/Zoom/Teams interview?

- KIRA is pre recorded, Skype is LIVE

- KIRA shows you questions, Skype lets you interact with interviewer

- KIRA has a time limit for each answer, Skype does not

- KIRA is automated, Skype is interactive

- KIRA does not let you reframe your answer after time limit, Skype is just like talking to a human being in person

- KIRA can be recorded on a phone too, Skype is best done on computers

- HEC, EDHEC, INSEAD, ISB many schools prefer Kira interviews these days over Skype since a professor need not be available for an interview


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