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What is OxBridge?

Simple, Oxford + Cambridge

Oxford and Cambridge are two of the best universities out there.

And these universities are made of various colleges. To be exact, there are more than 40 colleges at Oxford whereas there are more than 30 colleges at Cambridge.

OxBridge is actually a system of colleges. It comprises various building and historic sites and forms a self-enclosed community, wherein one can find facilities related to cafes and bars, student accommodations and offices for staff members.

Moreover, it allows students to settle in quite easily as it provides a friendlier environment, wherein students have the leverage to interact with students from all sorts of places. Many intercollegiate activities and events also take place throughout the years by the college communities.

Edvisory has been one of the top sources in India for outgoing OxBridge students, Do you consider applying there? Of course you do!


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