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What is the acceptance rate of the top 20 B Schools in the world?

Nothing close to CAT/JEE/GaoKao yet let's see!

Acceptance Rate is basically number of admitted candidates after all the rounds of selection process out of total number of applications. Thus more the number of applicants, less the number or rate of acceptance. This is why GaoKao in China, and JEE in India are considered toughest. Not primarily because of hardest questions asked in the exams but due to the acceptance rates.

Let's have a look at the acceptance rate of top B Schools across the globe:

Stanford graduate school of business - 6.1%

Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania - 9%

MIT Sloan - 14%

Harvard Business School - 12%

HEC Paris - 8%


London Business School - did not disclose

Columbia Business School - 11%

IE Business School - 12%

Haas School of Business (UC Berkeley) - 13.2%

Chicago Booth - 22%

IESE Business School - 20%

Esade Business School - 19%

Northwestern (Kellogg) - 9.1%

UCLA (Anderson) - 12.3%

Oxford (Said) - 20%

Cambridge (Judge) - 21%

Yale School of Management - 30%

NYU Stern - 29%

Michigan (Ross) - 35.9%

Note: This is subject to vary each year based on number of factors, like applicants, GMAT waivers, Covid 19 fluctuations, number of management programs for example in the US, mainly MBA is offered at B Schools but in Europe there can be a dozen programs like MIM, MSc, MBA etc at the same school.

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