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Why study in Europe?

Europe has always been one of the most influential places around the world in all regards. Dating back to the roots of rich civilized history and happenings, the emergence of the European Union, and a significant amalgamation of both infrastructural developments, modernity, and well-preserved nature and beauty, Europe in all manners is a heavenly gateway for international studies.

  • Three countries from Europe are in the top 5 student destinations: UK(2), France(3), Germany(4)

  • More than 40 universities appear in the top 100 university rankings worldwide

  • Education is much more affordable than the US, Australia, Canada or New Zealand

  • Europe has garnered a worldwide reputation for academic excellence and quality of life

  • Almost all countries in the EU allow for part-time jobs for students, generally, it is 20hrs / week

  • Students have the leverage of learning various other languages such as French, German or Spanish

  • Students have the opportunity to travel to nearly 26 countries using a Schengen visa; which is basically a passport-free area for students going from one Schengen country to another. Isn't it amazing?

  • Excellent jobs and career openings in Europe after completion of their studies. Almost all multinational companies have their presence in every major city in Europe (London, Paris, Berlin, Copenhagen)

Summarising, low-cost education, liberal visa policies, visa/passport-free inland travel, opportunity to learn a language, explore culture and history, and a lot more. If that's what beckons you, Europe is the place to be!


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