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Edvisory online language classes and its features:

  • Classes conducted on Skype

  • 30-60 days weekday and weekend classes

  • Contact Hours: A1: 100 hours (approx.) (Split of 50:50 Class room & self study)

  • Small class size 1-5 for engaging sessions

  • Online and Offline study material

  • Multiple Practice tests (Every week) (Class Tests, Home work)

  • Dedicated community of peers

  • Learn from professional faculty, Alumni and leaders who studied/worked in Europe

  • Pay as you go fees structure

  • 24*7 on call/onsite support

  • Learn German in English/Hindi

  • 1 Free Trial class

  • If you are unavailable for a certain class, we repeat the class exclusively for you

German A level

SKU: 632835642834572
  • The cost is same for A1, A2 each

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