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Singapore visa

Indian students who wish to work in Singapore after completing their studies will need to obtain a valid work permit. Here are the general requirements and steps to obtain a work permit in Singapore:

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Student visa

1-4 years of student visa is offered to all International students subject to the duration of the program

Applied in: India
Documents: VFS student visa checklist

Timeline: Usually 4 weeks time is required to receive the visa

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Work Permit

There are two types of work permits in Singapore: Employment Pass (EP) and S Pass. The EP is for professionals, managers, executives, and specialists, while the S Pass is for mid-level skilled workers. The eligibility criteria and requirements for each type of work permit are different.

Applied in: Singapore
Documents: Gov Checklist, The employer must be registered with the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) in Singapore

Timeline: Usually 1 month time is required to receive the pass

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Singapore government has certain quotas and restrictions on the number of foreign workers that companies can employ, so obtaining a work permit is not guaranteed. However, with a strong educational background, relevant work experience, and good networking skills, Indian students can increase their chances of securing a job and obtaining a work permit in Singapore.

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