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  • Guaranteed Admissions Pack

    Launched in 2018, with the inception of Edvisory, GAP became first of its kind product in the space of Higher education. GAP (Guaranteed Admissions Pack) offers an assured admit at the choice of schools shortlisted by the aspirant or a 100% refund in case of no success with us. In 2018-19: we refunded 10% students In 2019-20: we refunded 3% students In 2020-21: we refunded 2% students In 2021-22: we refunded 0.8% students All other students received an assured admit at the choice of schools shortlisted by candidates. Why Guarantee? We do not want students to lose their money for no value in return. We are aware that the word guarantee has meanings more than one in the market and many companies offer a partial refund, some offer more number of schools to apply, some offer free add ons, we offer a 100% refund. How does it work? It begins with couple of rounds of brainstorming/consultations with our alumni counselors, followed by a call with our Founders Student chooses 5 target schools, shares the list of schools with us along with his CV Edvisory checks the eligibility of the profile based on various factors like academics, GMAT/GRE, IELTS/TOEFL, acceptability chances and sends back an action plan Student & Edvisory together shortlist the top 5 target schools based on the eligibility, interest of the student. Both sign a contract with terms & conditions Application process to universities begin Students get access to Edvisory Pro platform Within 6-8 weeks of deadlines, students usually receive a result. If accepted, we party If rejected at all 5 schools, we refund How Edvisory increases chances? All counselors are alumni of top 100 schools as per FT/QS Profile Evaluations by Edvisory counselors Profile Evaluations by Adcoms of the schools Unlimited brainstorming sessions Unlimited reviews, edits, doc sessions on CV, SOP, LOR, Cover Letters, Scholarship essays Usually 80% of our students receive some form of scholarships as well (However this is not part of the GAP as an assurance but assistance) Pre Enrolment Consultations cost how much? Before a student makes the final call to associate with us, all consultations at Edvisory remain free, including the 2nd round of consultation with the Founders Product Description Schedule a consultation

  • Best Engineering Management Programs in the world

    Engineering Management is a fast growing space for those who have a technical/semi technical background and want to make a career in management. But the real question lies in 'where, when and how' to study MEM/Product Management, let us share the list of top schools: USA In the US, MEMPC is a consortium of top MEM schools to guide high potential students for top tech savvy management programs: Cornell University Dartmouth College Duke University John Hopkins University MIT Northwestern University Purdue University Tufts University University of Southern California UK In the UK, MEM is taught at most of the top ranked universities, here is the list: University of Bristol Warwick University Brunel University, London Leeds University Swansea University Hull University University of Huddersfield Middlesex University University of Lincoln University of Portsmouth Kings College, London University of Birmingham Aston University Coventry University Eligibility Criteria: - GRE (Recommended) - TOEFL/IELTS (mandatory) - Technical Background (Recommended) - Work Experience (Preferred) Application Process: - Round 1 is highly recommended (Usually September - November) - CV, SOP, LORs, Scholarship Essay, Academic Interview Rankings US News Great Business Schools QS Rankings At Edvisory, more than half of our students have a technical background and prefer programs like Engineering management, Product management, Project management with an acceptance rate of more than 99.2% Dates & Deadlines Schedule a consultation here and get an action plan today

  • Apply to 45 French Engineering Colleges in 50 Euros only

    With our collaboration with N+i, students will be able to apply to multiple French Engineering colleges with only one application. Foundation year In order to get admission to French Engineering colleges, some students need to complete a foundation year (After profiling a student and his/her background, a university may specifically ask them to go through a foundation year) ● N+i hosts a foundation year for students who are required to do so by universities they are accepted in (which include Learning french, basic aptitude, etc) ● The Foundation year also acts as a stepping stone for a student to increase their total scores and chances to get into universities ● The Foundation year also provides students with 60 ECTS credits ● They provide VISA assistance to students ● Total care of the students from logistics to accommodation, etc are taken care of by the n+i ● The pass percentage of students getting through the Foundation year is very high, although if they fail to qualify, they would not be able to get admission to any French colleges Registration ● A fee of 50 euros has to be paid on the portal to enrol for the n+i colleges ● Students save on application fees and the hassle to apply to many universities individually ● The fee is waived off for students from certain countries/colleges (Lists available on website) ● On registration, there is a basic interview (not course or university related, but to understand the basic background of the student, hosted by n+i) ● Universities may or may not ask for separate interviews depending on the background of the student ● While registering it’s recommended that the student must surf around the search bar on the portal and chalk out the courses and universities he/she is interested in and mention them in preferences when they apply on the portal Search bar ● Let’s you search courses and many fields at the same time so the student can find the perfect course for themselves ● A very detailed and helpful tool for students to understand what n+i can offer General pointers ● The opening session for admissions is August ● Students that enrol through us must put ‘EDVISORY’ as the consultancy name to benefit from Edvisory services List of 45 Engineering Colleges in France, Apply with 1 common application

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  • Student Housing |

    In collaboration with University Living Find and book an accommodation in regions lilke North America, Australia, Western Europe and alot more in a few clicks ​ Need help in finding the accommodation? Simply connect here and get a quick response from our housing team Talk to us Housing 1.5+ mn beds in 265+ cities

  • Contact |

    Let's get going! CONTACT US With 3 Global offices, 50+ counselors, we kind of work 24*7 from across the globe +91 88 82 17 97 42 +44 074 38 86 74 61 WhatsApp CONTAct US +91 8882179742 +44 7438867461 ​ VISIT US GURUGRAM: 145, Sec 44, Gurugram 122002, India LONDON: 167 Great Portland Street, WIF 5PF, London, UK PARIS: 26 rue Bosquet 75007 Paris, France TELL US Submit Thanks for submitting!

  • Study Abroad Company |

    Live a life less ordinary As featured in QS ACCESSMBA IFCCi IGCC startupIndia Google for startups Vinesh London Business School United Kingdom Uzma EDHEC Business School France Bansi Maastricht University Netherlands Ashutosh IIM Ahmedabad India Admissions Student Loans Accommodation Alumni FIGURES 50+ Alumni Counselors 10+cr Student Loans 300+ Partner Schools (Top 200)(Admissions | Loan | Housing) 1.5+mn Beds (Housing) VISION We’re Changing the Way Indians think about study abroad Concieved in Paris, founded in India, we wanted to create a platform that is transparent & remains a one stop shop and we did it. Today we remain India's first and only alumni mentored and assured admit study abroad platform. Not just that, collateral free loans, student housing, travel and what not! Alumni Counselors We believe IITians should teach JEE aspirants. Thus, we bring to you the network of more than 50+ alumni counselors from schools like LBS, HEC, NTU, Mannheim, ESMT, MIP, EDHEC etc. Read More Student Loans Don't Fret. We have more than 1500+ universities worldwide where you can study with a collateral-free loan. Also, no guarantor needed. Why bother parents, when they already made you this good. Read More Hey what about ACCOMMODATION 1.5+ mn beds across 265+ cities for student accommodation In collaborating with University Living, we bring to you access to millions of beds to choose from. Book an accommodation in less than 30 mins, get the contract and apply for visa. Not only that, it comes with housing insurance and airporat transfers. Is this cool? Ah, we should do more! Read More CAREERS Just like top B schools have rolling admissions, we have rolling job offers. Looking for an opportunity, do not refrain. We look forward to your application Become a Coach Worldwide Are you a candidate at a top 100 FT/QS ranked school? Or an Alum may be? We need you. Does guiding young aspirants move you? Interested in earning an extra buck at the same time? Time we speak. Apply Now For every student who uses our services, we will be supporting education of an underprivileged girl child for 1 year Know more IN ASSOCIATION WITH CONTAct US +91 8882179742 +44 7438867461 ​ VISIT US GURUGRAM: 145, Sec 44, Gurugram 122002, India LONDON: 167 Great Portland Street, WIF 5PF, London, UK PARIS: 26 rue Bosquet 75007 Paris, France TELL US Submit Thanks for submitting!

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